Safari 151105 James on Dancing Bells Set


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Safari 151105 James on Dancing Bells Set

The gorgeous Holsteiner Dancing Bells is ridden by the equally elegant rider James in a dressage event. Holsteiners are an ancient breed of horse, with a bloodline that goes back over 700 years. They are popular in competitive dressage, considered a world-class sport horse.

Dressage is French for training and refers to a long history of military training that horses have been involved in. Their use in conflict extends throughout written history, although the ancient Greeks first wrote about extensive training for military use. Dressage focused mostly on military purposes as it became a staple Olympic event at the beginning of the twentieth century, but as militaries disbanded their cavalry units after World War II due to mechanization, the desire for well-trained horses lived on. In 1973, the United States Dressage Federation was formed, and intensely competitive events are still popular today.

Size in cm: 13.5 L x 4.5 W x 12 H

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Safari 151105 James on Dancing Bells Set

Safari 151105 James on Dancing Bells Set