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Schleich 72147 Vet visit at the Stable (Special)


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Schleich 72147 Vet visit at the Stable (Special)

The vet visits the little Hanoverian foal and puts a bandage on it. The foal needs to rest for a few days, then it can frolic in the meadow again with its friend the Icelandic Pony foal.
The rider comes back from a ride through the forest and rewards the Icelandic Pony mare with fresh hay and a few crunchy apples. The vet comes to examine the little Hanoverian foal. It injured its leg when frolicking in the meadow. The foal is sure to recover well with the bandage and a little rest, and will soon be back frolicking in the meadow with the Icelandic Pony foal. The English thoroughbred mare enjoys fresh carrots while the rider brushes her coat until it shines.
  • The Schleich® figures are modeled in detail and promote educationally valuable play.
  • This item is part of the Horse Club theme world and is suitable for children aged 5-12.
  • The paddocks can be combined with many other Schleich® products!
  • Prescription pad can be written on!
  • With lots of stickers for individual playing fun!


1x vet, 1x Hanoverian foal, 1x doctor's kit, 1x stethoscope, 1x syringe, 1x medicine bottle, 1x laptop, 1x X-ray machine, 1x adhesive bandage, purple, 1x halter, 2x apple, green, 1x table, 1x chair, 1x prescription pad, 1x bandage sticker sheet, 2x sticker sheet, 1x stable, 2x flag, 1x English thoroughbred mare, 1x Icelandic horse mare, 1x Icelandic horse foal, 1x pony rider, 4x paddock, 3x hay rack, 2x tendon boot, 2x halter, 1x pony saddle, 1x bridle, 1 x assembly instructions

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Schleich 72147 Vet visit at the Stable (Special)

Schleich 72147 Vet visit at the Stable (Special)