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schleich 16391 Boxer, puppy


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Boxer, puppy (Canis familiaris)

Boxers are strong dogs of medium size with short and smooth yellow-brown to red-brown fur. They are considered as pleasant, quiet and self-confident.

Boxer, puppy

Item: 16391

Boxer, puppy
Fun Facts

In the past, boxers were trained and worked as police dogs.

  • Primary Habitat: Domesticated

Boxers are strong dogs of stout figure with smooth, short, close-fitting fur and robust bones. Their physique is square and of strong musculature. According to their physique, their appearance is bulky or athletic. Boxers are commonly considered as well-balanced, calm and self-confident.

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schleich 16391 Boxer, puppy

schleich 16391 Boxer, puppy