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Schleich 14531 Pentaceratops


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Featuring five horns and a powerful frill, the Pentaceratops was related to the Triceratops. The Pentaceratops probably had the largest skull of all land-living animals.

Item: 14531 
  • Binomial name: Pentaceratops
  • Conservations status: Extinct [ex]

It is likely that the huge frill was used as a headdress to impress other species.

Measuring 7.5 meters in its length and standing 2.5 meters tall, the Pentaceratops was one of the largest ceratopsid dinosaurs. Unlike the more famous Triceratops, the Pentaceratops had a five-horned skull. All ceratopsids had a powerful frill, which was probably little used to defend themselves. In all likelihood, the Pentaceratops had the largest known skull of all land-living animals. Quite a thick skull.

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Schleich 14531 Pentaceratops

Schleich 14531 Pentaceratops